Identifying risks and opportunities increase -
an early warning system with SAFEFOOD-ONLINE for the Food Industry

SAFEFOOD-ONLINE is a database that represents the risk to food safety and evaluated this.

Food safety and consumer protection are in any food service management issue. No company wants to gain some personal experience with the effects of known hazards and its products again have to call back from the market. No one would like to gain some personal experience with dangers, because most are following the emergence of biological, chemical or physical hazards, the risks and effects are very expensive, in some cases even threaten the existence of a business.

The objective of risk management is to minimize the existing risks in the food industry and made manageable. The system SAFEFOOD-ONLINE is designed to support risk management in the company. SAFEFOOD-ONLINE processes the information of the RASFF (Rapid Alert System for Food and Feed) and all other available and valid data. After pooling of the facts SAFEFOOD-ONLINE allows multidimensional analyses and evaluation. Thus helps the system to assess risk quickly and efficiently to potential consequences. The results can be output for the selected export raw materials in a HACCP plan.

The contents of the database are constantly updated and adapted. The results of individual queries are displayed in a risk matrix.

Currently processed SAFEFOOD ONLINE all available data on food, food contact materials and feed.


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