Integration of risk management

In general food law provides all distributors, all producers and traders in the responsibility in matters of food safety of products. With the help of the SAFEFOOD-ONLINE database, any company could fulfill this responsibility. With the wealth of information an individual risk landscape for raw materials and for finished goods can be created. By implementing the elements of ISO 31000 FOODSAFE ONLINE fulfills the basic requirements for risk management system for organizations from the perspective of food safety.

Risk management should be integrated as part of the planning process and as a management tool in the existing management system of enterprises. Both management tools have to support each other with. Thus, risk management is a process in the overall system, which acts as an early warning.

The risk assessment should incorporate all internally available and known information such as your own or already known incidents in the overall consideration, such as the evaluation of all internal findings after incoming inspection, as well as external messages from customers or facts that are known according to an official complaint. SAFEFOOD-ONLINE provides not only data but also helps in assessing the risks of context. The results will be issued after the analysis in a risk landscape and evaluated.

Integration of risk management in the existing management system


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