HACCP for export of raw materials

With this query "HACCP Export" it is possible to create the basis of all available reports in the database for a HACCP Export raw material. In the query all known hazards will be summed and displayed in a table.

Art. No

raw material

known hazards

country of origin

RL 1

RL 2

measures to control








In the first column of the Excel export, the commodity own numbers will be registered, so that a clear assignment later in the enterprise is possible. In the second column is the food called for the inquiry was carried out. The third column lists the known hazards. The distribution is such that all known hazards will be issued in a separate field. In this case, multiple answers are possible in this column if these hazards are listed in different records as combinations. The column four shows all the countries of origin, which every risk known to be directly assigned. In column 5 (RL 1), the risk level 1 is the same risk rating, as in the query " query for known hazards described. For more details, see the table " example of a risk environment". In column 6 (RL 2), the risk level 2 is specified for the food. This differs from all of the regular risk level 1 (RL1). In this case, in contrast to the RL 1 for the query on "SEARCH" on the HACCP accumulated export in the field RL 2 all hazards and viewed holistically for raw materials (food). In the last column "measures to control" similar to the Codex Alimentarius HACCP individual measures to control this hazard (s) can be entered.

At the end of the output list is an Excel printout with a four-point recommendation list of possible instructions for the company requested for the selected food. All HACCP exports can be archived as file.

Risk level Preferres instructions
A1, A2, A3, A4
B1, B2, B3
C1, C2
Level 1
The identified hazards are defined in the agreement / specification and must be excluded from the subcontractor in writing, so do not enter the hazard.
Level 2
In addition to the agreement / specification requires the supplier for the goods delivered a certificate of analysis by an accredited laboratory to send it in confirming the adherence to the specified hazards or excluded.
C4, C5
D3, D4
E2, E3
Level 3
In addition to confirm the information in stage 2, the supplier that this raw material / product do not come from the concerned country.
E4, E5
Level 4
In addition to the steps 2 and 3, after delivery of the raw material sampled and analyzed this fixed in relation to the hazard (s) in an accredited laboratory. The release of the raw material (food), done only once the analysis results as a positive release. Those suppliers are audited within a specified timeframe (e.g. supplier audits).

Tip: It is recommended on the search function to accurately analyze all hazards, so that the HACCP export them properly to be evaluated using. Further information can be under the Help function and “Example of a HACCP Export”.


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