Risk management in the company

The objective of risk management is not the exclusion and the basic risk prevention. Instead, risks to the economies and business activities are connected. Risks and their impact factors are dynamic, one-time or sporadically conducted surveys and risk assessments are therefore only limited effect. The identification and management of significant risks can be made by the RASFF (Rapid Alert System for Food and Feed) information and other available data. Existing risks must be identified quickly and efficiently.

In support of risk management in enterprises the system SAFEFOOD-ONLINE was developed that combines all valid data and analyze multidimensional. The objective of risk management is to assess the risks involved and to minimize them with the help of the SAFEFOOD-ONLINE database. Any company can create customized from the wealth of information for the used raw materials and also for the finished goods made from it its own risk environment for a selected scenario. Thus, central requirements of food law are implemented, at whose overall responsibility the management of each company is.

This includes directly to the basic obligations of each food manufacturer in accordance with the provisions of EC Regulation 178/2002.

This applies SAFEFOOD-ONLINE to all elements which belong to an efficient risk management system based on ISO 31000 and the ON Rule 49001.

Addressed are all companies wishing to use their management system to identify risks at an early stage and the existence of the company not only ensure but also opportunities preventive, proactive and risk-aware to ensure a positive business pick up.

  • ONR 49001:2010. Risk management for organizations and systems - Risk Management - Implementation of ISO 31000 in practice

  • ISO 31000:2018 Risk Management - General guidelines on principles and implementation

The principle risk-management process


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